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i admit it… i’ve become newly obsessed with crystals… going so far as to buy a chunk of quartz for “cleansing” my various crystal jewelry after a friendly TSA security guard stopped me at the airport to ask about my crystal necklaces and warned me that my black onyx pendant needed frequent cleansing to clear it of all the negative energy it’s absorbing… it weighed on my mind for the rest of my trip and while standing at the LAX baggage claim at midnight alone… staring at the carousel, realizing my bag was indeed lost, all i could think was “i need to cleanse my crystals!”
i also felt obligated, after seeing so many blog posts about crystal jewelry, to let people in on my favorite place to buy crystals… etsy… there are a lot of great sellers/crafters out there with way more reasonable prices than designers like Dreams of Norway (no offense, the jewelry is beautiful, but a quartz ring for $230?!?!?! that’s shoe buying money!) please take a look at sellers like Midwest Alchemy, Glittering Gems, Sadie Designs, Amore Valkyrie, Elemental Alchemist or Jennifer Shipley, their work is beautiful and their prices are completely reasonable…

photos: DamselFly… Suzannah Wainhouse jewelry… Cheyenne meets Chanel necklace… Dreams of Norway jewelry… Midwest Alchemy Rings… Glittering Gems necklaces…
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2 Responses to CRYSTAL VISIONS…

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention! These are seriously beautiful pieces that you’ve found! Great blog. 🙂

  2. Wow. I was so tickled to discover your lovely blog when searching my own name. Thank you so much for mentioning me in such a gracious way. Hey. Have you ever tried selenite sticks for cleansing and charging your stones? It really gives them a great boost. I totally swear by it. Just place a clear quartz crystal between the termination of a selenite crystal and the stone you want to charge, with the quartz pointed at the stone. The quartz magnifies the selenite’s cleansing and energizing properties and sends them into the stone or crystal that you want to be charged. With this method it takes about three minutes to cleanse and the rest of the time it is charging. You can really feel a difference. I regularly charge all of my pendants this way.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

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