starting this blog made me realize just how lazy i’ve gotten with pictures of my recent travels… i used to fill memory card after memory card and lately i can’t be bothered to even carry a real camera, ending up with only a few iphone photos… i’m not sure if this means i take my travels for granted or i’ve become used to seeing things and don’t get as excited for all the little things anymore… but coming back from LA this week with almost no photos has made me realize i’m not capturing all the moments i want to share… booo me… time to remedy this…

jill in rainy tokyo

from my last trip to tokyo this past march… cold, rainy beautiful tokyo… warm blueberry jam filled pancakes, delicious… shelter from the storm… my japanese brush pen bounty… smiley Oanh and Chau… Chau’s “bad jill” “good jill” drawing… this is where all the Totoros live!

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